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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions below.  If you have any other queries, please email us  at



Please correctly fill out the score card as per the example below. 

If a player’s name is not printed on the scorecard and their name has to be handwritten on the card, then there is something wrong.   If their name is not printed on the card then they are either not registered in PlayHQ at all, or they are not allocated to the appropriate team.  From this week RNA will start penalising clubs for incorrect scorecard completion.  Sample scorecard is on their website and attached below. 


Remember to fill in all of the areas on the back of the scorecard.  Don’t leave any blanks

How much does it cost to register?

NetsetGO (7-9 years)           -  $269

Junior (10-15 years)              -  $269

Intermediate (16-17 years)   -  $269

Inters (18 years)Seniors        -  $291

You must turn 7 years of age by December 2023 to be eligible to


How to forfeit

If you do not have enough players, please message via the What's app group to see if there are any players from grades below that can help.

If you still need to forfeit, please email by Friday 5pm with your team name, division, opponent, game time and court number to confirm you need to forfeit.  Someone will still need to sign the card on the day and return it to the control tower to say you have forfeited. 

How do I register?

You will need to register yourself or a family member with PlayHQ and create an account.   If you are a parent you can register yourself and add family members to your account or allow your child to create their own account and register themselves.

Can I use my Active Kids Voucher?

Yes.  Download your Active Kids Voucher before starting the registration process so that you can enter your voucher number into your registration.

The Active Kids Voucher will discount your netball fees by $100 for 18 years and under and currently a student.

How do I buy a uniform?

You can buy your uniform when you register on our PlayHQ site or via our Shop on this site.    Uniforms are $55 for the dress.  Black netball shorts can be purchased from any good sporting retailer.

Optional socks can be purchased for $10.

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