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Umpiring courses

RNA Beginners Umpiring Course

WHEN: Saturday the 23rd of March –  9am – 10.30am

WHERE: RNA Control Building, Heffron Park.


  • Course is free and will be run by the RNA umpires committee.

  • Course is intended for new umpires, umpire mentors (mentoring junior umpires) & umpires coordinators.

  • Novice/new umpires should read the rule book to familiarise themselves with the rules (SEE THE LINK BELOW). Course is intended to explain the rules in a fun and interactive way to get the umpires ready for the season. 

  • Umpire mentors & umpire coordinators are recommended to attend so information can be shared throughout the season to those who cannot make the day + also provide a couple of tips on conveying the rules to new/novice umpires. 

  • There is a grading session for the under 10’s competition on Saturday 6th of April that would be ideal to cement the learnings. If new umpires could attend this day following the session it is highly recommended!

  • Please bring whistle & own water bottle – own snacks if required

  • If clubs could please RSVP with an approximate number of attendees that would be much appreciated so we can plan seating etc. by the 18th of March 2024.

  • Individuals can register to attend by submitting their details on the form below.

NEW RULES ARE BEING INTRODUCED IN 2024 – MAKE SURE YOU READ THE 2024 EDITION OF THE RULES BOOK. Any questions regarding the course or approximate attendee numbers please email


To register: Clink this link 

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